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Everstar is a professional manufacturer of LED products, such as direct plug, infrared LED, ultraviolet LED, digital tube, lattice, patch, high power, etc. after six years of research and development, the products have been widely recognized in the world market.

We are committed to constantly update automation equipment, product internationalization and improve after-sales service. The company has a considerable scale and industry awareness in the domestic LED components industry, and has passed ISO9001, ROHS, CE certification, to provide customers with national quality and reliable products.

We actively respond to customers' requirements, strive to improve production efficiency, and constantly develop new products.

The factory was founded in 2008, and now has branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong. We are actively looking for partners from all over the world to establish a better sales network, and continue to invest in the establishment of overseas branches, such as: Hong Kong, the United States, South Korea. Looking forward to your joining.

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